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We are a full service salon located in my home providing quality services to help your dog look her best.  Pets are handled with care as if they were our own. Conveniently located in Jefferson Township/Oak Ridge. 
Happy Hoodie to reduce noise stress!
Pets are given a Happy Hoodie to help reduce noise stress during drying.  

Table goes down to 15 inches to assist pets getting up and down and into the tub. 
Full Service Groom - price varies by breed
  • Clip and Buff Nails
  • Pluck and Clean Ears
  • Bathe
  • Check and Express Anal Glands if necessary
  • Mostly Hand Drying, Brush, and Comb-out
  • Breed Specific Hair Cut
  • Hand Scissor Finish
Bath and Brush - price varies by breed
  • Clip and Buff Nails
  • Clean ears
  • Bathe
  • Mostly Hand Drying, Brush, and Comb-out
Add-on Packages
De-Shedding- Extra Blow-out, Special Conditioner, Special Comb on Coat.
Plaq Clnz- Teeth Spray, Water Pick Teeth Cleaning, application of  Teeth Cleaning Gel.
Flea and Tick - Flea and Tick Shampoo and application of Spot-on monthly treatment. 

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